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We had a super rude awakening when our main line clearly was clogged and all was backing up in to our tub. We have a one bathroom home and so we needed immediate assistance. I called early in the morning and within minutes received a return phone call. I discussed the issue and emphasized that we really could use someone during the day. It was evident that No Clogg was already pretty booked up for the day and yet he still made a major effort to fit us in the schedule hours earlier than we could have hoped for. So within hours actually of calling all was done at a reasonable price and we had our house back. When you have a one bathroom home and that one bathroom is not functioning it can make it a little tough for everyone in our home. We all really thank you No Clogg for I don’t know how else to say it but for giving us back our house so fast! We would call again and we truly recommend as you are so thoughtful and reasonable and understanding. We love working with companies right in our area too. Okay hope this is helpful and thank you to those who posted a review before us because it was your reviews that helped us choose!!

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