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Women everywhere Hire NO Clogg Plumbing. Ok, so plumbing is one of those areas where we women can feel a bit insecure. I felt that way and was so grateful to have found No Clogg Plumbing. They are an honorable company, have a very highmoral and work ethic and do amazing work. They stand by their work and don't over charge you just because you don't know speak plumber language. I have now put No Clogg Plumbing on my Christmas list! They are that good and with all the plumbing problems I have had they are now part of my extended family. Thank you especially to Barin who stood by and encouraged me when I was overwhelmed. God Bless No Clogg and especially Barin! ~ Krissblaney
Good job. Living in Altadena old house comes with occasional plumbing problems. We gave him a short notice and he was here to help unclog our toilet in 1 HR. After 15 mins he was done clearing the clog, he explained to me what the problem was and what could have happened so that in future we watch out. Thanks for helping us, will do business with you again in future. ~ rvallala
Thank you No Clogg!!. I love these guys! We have an old home that get's a major clog every 2 to 3 years. Plumbers have to climb onto the roof to snake the pipe to the main. I had another plumber from a different company to take care of the job. He was full of attitude and tried to "upsell" me on other work to be done. He only did half a job and three days later we had the clog back. I then called No Clogg. They came out, great attitude, snaked the pipes twice and no more clogs! Quality work, clean, curtious and great attitude. Thanks No-Clogg! ~ DuchessDeb
Responsible!. I used No Clogg Plumbing located in Pasadena CA on many occasions and have found them to be responsive, dependable, able to solve problems and professional with customers. ~ DuchessDeb
Outstanding plumbing reapir service!. No Clogg Plumbing's expertise and problem solving ability has provided the insight necessary to successfully bring our projects in on time and within budget. ~ havierihaiver
I'm so grateful for No Clogg plumbing. They do excellent work at the price they quote. It's clear that they know what they are doing, which is way more than I could say about the first 2 plumbers that tried to fix my problem. I had a blockage in my main sewer pipe causing my tubs and bath to fill with raw sewage. I immediately got on the phone with my home insurance company who sent out a plumber. The first guy out tried to snake from a 2" cleanout and immediately tried to quote me for at least $1k of work. I called the insurance company back and got them to send someone else out. The next guy they sent out ended up wanting to charge me $5100 to fix my problem. It was clear that these "insurance" plumbers use the calls they get as sales lead. Beware! Fortunately, I gave a call to Baron at No Clogg plumbing. He said that it was very unlikely that I had the problem the other plumber said I did. He came out and used the hydro-jet and his camera to clear out the problem. All of this was done at a very reasonable price, and I have video to prove that my pipes were clear. No Clogg stands behind their work and you can trust them to perform at a higher standard. Well done, No Clogg! You have a customer for life. ~ Tom C, Pasadena, CA
Tom C, Pasadena, CA